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The Excellence Approach
to Environmental Protection

The coral reefs, tropical rain forests and unspoiled coastline are what make this corner of the world one of nature’s best works. Our guests never tire of the lush wonders of the Caribbean. It is a breathtaking gift that Excellence never takes for granted. And that is why Caribbean environmental protection is one of our top priorities.

Our environmental commitment has been recognized by EarthCheck, the world’s leading organization in sustainable tourism certification. Excellence Riviera Cancun has emerged as a hotel committed to maintaining a sustainable operation, and the EarthCheck Silver Certification serves to demonstrate it.  Gold Certification is our next milestone. Excellence Playa Mujeres is embarking on the same initiative.

Guests can be assured we take every possible measure to assist in the preservation of the beauty that graces our pristine locations. Our commitment to environmental protection starts with the responsible development of our land and a mindfulness of its effects on the Caribbean’s sensitive ecosystem and tropical rainforests. Our employees have all been trained in environmental management and share our dedication to the preservation of our coastlines and the efficient use of the Caribbean’s natural resources.

Preserving beauty is a welcome responsibility.

Respect for the environment is built into everything we do. We support sustainable agriculture and, wherever possible, use local, organic products. We dispose of all refuse properly and run a comprehensive recycling program to minimize waste. In addition, our enviable preservation programs help us reduce surplus energy usage. We even share green tips with our guests.

Our efforts toward environmental protection, however, never get in the way of our 5 star services. It is the Excellence goal to protect and respect our gorgeous environment while delivering the exceptional comfort Excellence guests have come to expect. Even with our aggressive water-saving programs, we take every step necessary to insure your stay in our Caribbean paradise remains as lush and lovely with each subsequent visit.

At Excellence, we’re passionate about minimizing our footprint and contributing to a sustainable future, both for the Caribbean and the world at large.

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